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>> good morning everyone. i am patti ann browne. >> i am ainsley earhardt. it is thursday november the 8th. thank you for watching fox and friends first. mother nature playing another truly trick on the thousands of folks living in this area still realing from sandy. a nor' easter blustered into new york and new jersey are wayne, sleet and record setting snow. >> the winds causing 100,000 new power outages. that brings the total number still in the freezing cold from 714,000. it could be days before the lights are turned back on.
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>> it is insane. i have been 10-days now and now i am struggling snow. >> and you still don't have power? >> no. no power. no gas, no nothing. >> heartbreaking. >> heartbreaking. let's head over to janice dean with a look at the forecast. >> it is amazing 10-days ago we were talking a hurricane and now we are talking about a winter storm. there are no words. look at the snow total in connecticut. a foot of snow. monroe 9 inches. parts of new york seeing 6, 7 inches. rich field new jersey. i had somebody say to me yesterday there's no way we are getting over 2 inches of snow in central park. this is still an impressive storm. bringing bands of snow across new england. still long island. you are getting hammered with
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snow. new jersey you look to be out of the woods heading up toward new england you are starting to see more snow bands across connecticut and up toward maine. you are not done with this event heading into tonight and tomorrow. it will pull offshore. we should have a day away. wind gusts 60 miles per hour. incredible unbelievable storms. >> we will have good weather for the next couple days. >> i will guarantee it. >> the election has come and gone with no political changes in the landscape in washington. >> obama democrats and republicans vowing to work together for the good of our country. peter doocy has more. >> good morning, ainsley. since the balance of power did
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not shift as a result of tuesday's election with democrats still controlling the white house and the senate vice president joe biden thinks voters give politicians a clear mandate to deal with tax policy the way democrats want to do it. speaker of the house john boehner who will remain the most powerful in washington another two years think voters instead wants to compromise. >> the american people have spoken. they re-elected president obama and they again re-elected a public majority in the house of representatives. there's a mandate for us to find a way to work together on the solutions to the challenges that we all face as a nation. >> the democratic leader of the senate harry reid also expressed a desire to xroe mis-- compromi. now americans know they can't defeat obama now they need to put attention on meeting
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somewhere in the middle on important issues. >> this is a message american people sent from all over. that is they are tired of these partisan grid locks. they are tired of things like well i have one goal to meet be obama. that's gone. obama was re-elected overwhe overwhelmi overwhelmingly. american people want us to work together. >> we will find out soon if there will be compromise like both of the leaders that they both said because we are less than two months away from the fiscal cliff. long-term unemployment benefits $55 billion in cuts to the defense programs and another 55 million in cuts for domestic programs. >> thank you so much, peter.
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>> now americans have to focus on the principles this country was founded on. >> last night was a terrific body blow. we know it. we need to recover. we need to get off the canvas and begin our work again. you don't have a choice. we are not sunshine patriots. the test of character is how we are going to handle ourselves the hard times. these are hard times. history would say that we are unworthy of the gifts we have been given. the first thing that needs to be said we cannot abandon our principals which i say are timeless. the only reason we are in politics is because we care about a set of principals. there is no reason to be involved with politics. we are nowhere near that point.
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if people do believe it look back at the 2010 mid term election. how did you feel that night? it was a historic repudiation of barack obama. sooner or later i convict the country will call out two conservatives for help. that is it. that is one of the things we need to come to terms with. >> the liberal welfare state has grown more and more americans have become dependent on that welfare state. to be clear the situation isn't necessarily a permanent condition. >> later in the show we will hear more from hannity and why he says we need to look back to the times of margaret thatcher. >> the top five stories making news this hour. 12 years later and not much has changed. it's two-days after the election and once again the state of
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florida just too close to call except this time president obama was re-elected regardless of florida's outcome. president obama leads mitt romney by a little more than 47,000 votes that does not include 200,000 absentee and provisional ballots which still need to be counted. >> we may be unstep chlors to the benghazi terror attack. the obama administration reached widespread criticism for initially blame ago video for the attack and for not doing more to protect the consulate. the director of intelligence james clapper and david petraeus are expected to testify. the senate will hold a hearing the same day. >> it is believed to be the first recorded message from al qaeda since the benghazi terror attack. the group's leader trying to capitalize on a horrific murder of ambassador chris stef convenients along with two other americans. troops leaving iraq and planning
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to leave afghanistan show america is weakening in the middle east. the video makes no mention of the anti islam film first blamed for the attack. former congresswoman gabrielle gifford will come face to face for the first time with the man who shot her back in february 2011. jared laughner. he opened fire on giffords killing 6 people and injuring 13 others. mark kelly will be in the courtroom. he is expected to speak on her behalf. patti ann 2012 that election is gone it's over. it is time to start speculating about 2016. will she or won't she? the big question l-hillary clinton run again? joe biden could also make a run and new york's governor andrew cuomo is also set to be eyeing the bid. vp nominee paul ryan sure to be front runner. former florida governor jeb pbuh
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who resisted pressure to run this summer. mark rubio also considered likely deacon tenders. >> stories you can bank on this morning the market is reacting to president obama suffering the worst drop of the year. lauren simonetti has more. what a down day yesterday for the dow. >> major haircut for the stock market yesterday. it was very similar to the sell off we saw the day after election day back in 2008. take a look at this. the dow jones suffering the biggest loss down 313 points and below 13,000 for the first time since early august. the s&p and nasdaq dropped 3 and a half percent. groups faced romney presidency p and didn't get it. >> what is this about warning us the u.s. could be downgraded if things don't change? >> the fiscal cliff must be avoided that's the message from
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all of the credit agencies. they said it would be downgraded unless they work together to avoid the fiscal cliff and raise the debt ceilings. the government will hit at 16.4 trillion debt limit by the end of the year. if you recall moodies warned back in september a failure to reach the deal would lead it to downgrade in the u.s. they still have america rated triple a. s&p after the bitter fight to raise the debt ceiling back then. >> we don't like to hear that. if you are traveling on thanksgiving beware get to the airport early. you are not alone. does this sound enticing busy airports claim 90 percent full and more expensive tickets. that's the outlook for thanksgiving air travel the trade group airline for america. thankful for that. >> 20 million folks are expected to fly fwhooeven the 16th and the 17th that's a 3 percent
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increase from last year. here are three-days want to avoid. november 21st ss, sunday november 25th and monday the 26th. >> thanks. good to see you. great information. the presidential election no laughing matter not even for this comedian dennis miller. >> best day america has had. i don't agree. >> it is to be created sandy. they can't handle a nor' easter. a look at the gasoline prices, the national average 3.62 a gallon. that is unchange the since yesterday. [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ]
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>> 14 after the hour. here's what some of you missed while you were sleeping. he filed 645 bogus federal tax returns for dead people. now he is going to jail for nearly 10 years. prosecutors say the 35-year-old bar bed dose national used his team to get his hands on more than $120 million. he is accused of using 26 million of that to live a life of luxury. they fly into disaster areas but they flee from snow. in parts of sandy ravaged new york city shut down because of the nor' easter. >> it is insult in injury. a hurricane now a blizzard. >> their full-time jobs this is what they are supposed to be here before. >> some of the services had to be secured or postponed during the storm.
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>> thaufrmnks patti ann. it is really hard for all of them out there. they have been recovering super storm sandy and now this. heavy snow falling on top of all of the destruction. stephanie is live. what's happening there? oo good morning ainsley. it is just an inconvenience. side streets look lick this. we have two inches of snow. j just enough to cover the car. not the slick conditions on the snow but the fact that sandy blew down lots of trees lots of leaves. thouz leaves are laying under the snow. this car is totally covered in the front. nothing over dramatic.
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it's about an much inch or two. let me swing over here and show you the main roads are pretty clear. this is the yardly train station. pretty clear going into trenton and new york we have it still left overfrom sandy. >> it is time to take another look at who is talking and more reaction to the president's reelection. dennis miller giving his analysis of what the results show about the current state of the country. >> the election. this is where this country is at right now. i don't knowelse's political election. some people think this is the best day america has had it's proudest moment. i don't agree. i am going to be demonized i am going to be the object of
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revenge. like the country where people plus their tucus. i think this has gone a long way toward becoming a european model. if you are out there making 45,000 dollars a year busting your hump being away from your family because it's in your hard drive to do the right thing, the right thing changed in this country yesterday. you can get close to that with the government. we will have more from mark stein at 8:45. >> 18 after the hour what will four more years of president obama mean for the economy and for your money? cheryl casone breaks it down next. >> hillary clinton is talking about the future and her political career. >> announcer: meet jill. she thought she'd feel better
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>> welcome back. it's 21 after the hour. still no sign of stacy peterson after a renewed search for peterson. peterson vanished in 2007. the search is not a part of any new leads just a periodic check. the news of president obama's reelection shares felony where from 4 to 8 percent. investors worry obama care will hurt profits. the healthcare lan mr. cost insurers billions more in fees and affect pricing for patients. >> despite nearly 8 percent
2:23 am
unemployment and 16 trillion in debt president obama has been re-elected. what will four more years of his policies mean for the economy and specifically for your wallet? cheryl cos knee has more. >> the fiscal cliff is baying one. >> it is the most immediate problem we have. the president will play a key role in this. he is still standing by wanting to tax those making 250,000 and more a year. that is an issue republicans don't want that. $3,500 per household. we are talking more than $500 billion. this will be a rough patch for the economy especially if a lot of cuts come in. >> the stock market not optimistic. >> we lost a lot of -- we lost ground on the dow yesterday. blowsed below 13,000 for the first time since the month of june. we only lost 312. we were down 369 at one point yesterday.
2:24 am
investors are worried health insurance stocks we were talking about that. that will be more of a cost for them. cost control for the healthcare law. that is another issue we are dealing with as well. little bit of positive news. i will say this. mortgage rates are going to stay low. we believe ben bernanke will be in office go through the rest of his material if he wants to stay i think the president would keep him. that means mortgage rates for all of you will be staying low we are at 3.36 percent. >> what is the jobs picture? >> we expect unemployment to remain incredibly high. there's a few reasons for this. a lot of ceo's come on the business network and say i don't want to hire i am not comfortable hiring. one is healthcare. it will cost him more to ensure each employee. number two, regulation. president obama is known as a regulation type of president. he believes in more regulations is better whether it's for coal companies through the epa
2:25 am
whether it is for energy companies you name it. regulation is a cost of business. also think about frank. mitt romney wanted to repeal frank. that means banks financial services companies will have more parp work go through. they lose ground yesterday in the markets financials. the small businesses obviously impacted. >> spall businesses are going to have a rough time. even though the president will come out and say in a stump speech i passed x amount of tax breaks for small businesses. small businesses are going to bear the worst brunt of it. the big piece is taxes. most small businesses file as llc's. that means they file a personal income tax return. once they are an individual. they are getting taxed at hire rates. they are bringing in 50,000 more in income pretty easy to do. they are very concerned they are not hiring and there's no demand out there.
2:26 am
>> qe 3. i know your eyes want to roll over when you see this. this is the feds buying 40 billion per month in mortgage backed securities. they are trying to keep the economy going keep money flowing into the market. banks to lend more consumers to borrow more. problem is many in the gop in particular are worried that is going to cause inflation that is a big concern for many on wall street. it should be a concern for all of us at home that means your prices are going to go up. >> a lot there. sharyl casone thank you. you can watch her at noon on the fox business network. we just told you about the serious economic issues this country faces. wait until you hear what joe biden's first task will be now that he has been re-elected. if you are trying to sneak away by stealing a plane you might want to make sure you know how to drive it. on this day in history i think we are alone now by tiffany was
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the number one song.
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>> welcome back to fox and friend first. >> it is 30 minutes after the hour. >> we begin with an extreme
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weather alert. we are talking more misery for the monster storm battering the northeastern area. a nor' easter blowing through bringing with it rain, sweet and record setting snow. >> the storm's wild winds causing 100,000 new power outages bringing the total number of people still in the freezing cold to 715,000. based on hurricane sandy hitting us it is gknotted good timing. >> it is awful. it is nuts. >> no rest for the weary. right, janice? >> we have better days ahead. look at the evolution of this storm as it pulled off the coast of the southeast and moved northward and then just brought pounding rain, wind and snow, sleet, freezing rain crippling the new york city transit system. i think my husband said yes it is one of the worst commute homes in new york city history.
2:32 am
lack at the satellite radar hasn't really budged much. the good news parts of philadelphia, new jersey, new york clearing out. we still see snow along long island but this is a new england event. look at the forecast for atlantic city, new jersey heading into the weekend and early next week. temperatures in the upper 50s even into the 60s. this goes for portions of the delmarva peninsula up toward new york, staten island new york looking good as well. for long island iceland better days ahead saturday, sunday, monday. looking good fievenltly start the cleanup and get that power back on. so many people have been in the cold for over a week in this area in this battered region. i am so glad to deliver good news this morning. >> hang in there for just a few more days. the so-called fiscal cliff is right around the corner now. >> will we be able to avoid it now that the democrats and republicans are pledging to
2:33 am
compromise? doug luzader is in washington with more. >> good morning guys. the president has won another four years. that much is clear. does he really have a mandate? house republicans also won on tuesday. with the fiscal cliff rapidly approaching the fundamentals here haven't changed all that much. president obama arrived back along with the first family getting ready to settle in for another term. not much time to celebrate. the fiscal cliff is approaching just down the street at the capitol. they could start hammering the combination of spending cuts and tax hikes. after tuesday does the president really have a mandate to raise taxes on the wealthy something he has pushed for years. senate maorijority leader harry reid says yes. >> this is the message american people sent from all over. that is they are tired of these partisan gridlock. >> republicans look at the
2:34 am
impact they have on hiring with the unemployment rate still just shy of 8 percent. house republican speaker john boehner is showing a willingness to raise revenue if it involves simplifying the tax system and not just raising rates. the american people have spoken. they have re-elected president obama. they have again re-elected a republican majority in the house of representatives. if there's a mandate to yesterday's results it's a mandate for us to find a way to work together on the solutions to the challenges that we all face as a nation. >> and we have something of a warning shot for the market yesterday. the dow fell in a big way. it has to do with the number of factors with things happening overseas but it also has to do with this rapidly approaching fiscal cliff. >> back to you. >> doug luzader in washington, thank you. the reelection of president obama is what sean hannity is talking about this morning. >> hannity looking back at the time of ronald reagan for
2:35 am
guidance in the next step of this country. >> you go back to the 1970s mar kret thatcher beca-- margaret thatcher in europe. thatcher by the force of her personality and appeal of her ideas and ideals she was able to reverse the direction of things. same thing is true of ronald reagan. sometimes the public has self reliance and commitment to liberty is not static. just because we are in the valley one day does not mean we cannot ascend to the mountain top next. let not your heart be troubled despair is not an option but realism is important. as a conservative we have to realize our task is very different and in some aspects more difficult than we ever thought. we have to make the case, a compelling case in human terms, bad for the s, why does the country and bad for the individuals. we have to present a vivid
2:36 am
picture to people of why human happiness is increased and not decreased by limited government. >> hannity also went on to say with the tone of this election set a precedent of elections to come. >> now for your 5@5:30. top five stories making news at this hour. we are one step closer to finally getting answers on the benghazi terror attack. the house committee will hold a hearing next thursday. the obama administration faced widespread criticism for blaming a video for the attack and not doing more to protect the consulate. director of national intelligence james clapper and cia director david petraeus are expected to testify. the senate will hold a hearing the same day. >> the battle over the weird rages on in the case against accused fort hood shooter major nadal hussein. the attorneys have a ruling to have this forcefully shaved. a military judge says having a
2:37 am
beard is against army court rules. hassan's attorneys are asking for the current judge to be taken off of that case. she is still stepping down the state department says secretary of state hillary clinton has no plans to stay on even though president obama won reellery election. >> -- reelection. >> you have heard her say many times she intends to see through a transition of a successor and then she will go back to private life. >> the state department has come under growing criticism for the response to the benghazi terror attacks. >> newly released camera captures a suspect. you can see him speeding off then he clips the side of that building with the plane's left wing. police say he then took his own life. he was suspected of killing his girlfriend. >> anthony wheener couldn't keep
2:38 am
away from twitter. he posted a link to youtube showing damage to monster storm sandy. it was the first post on twitter since an explosive photo. it could be a sign he is returning to politics. that's your 5@5:30. >> it is time now to entertain this from the white house to the tv screen our newly re-elected joe biden taking on the role of actor. he will be making an appearance on nbc's parks and recreation playing who else but himself. it is set to air next thursday. jermaine jackson ditching his famous last name? not exactly. he just wants to change the swelling of it trading out the o in jackson for a u to be jermaine jacksun like the sun in the sky. they know how to turn up the heat don't they? this is the behind the scenes look at the victoria secret fashion show.
2:39 am
while it is not set to air this month they showed off their famous lingerie on the catwalk. aren't they beautiful? >> all right. i am going back to the jim. >> it is time for the starting lineup. the top sports stories the chargers hit with a 20,000 dollar fine in the towel gate. they refused to return over towels with adhesive stuck on it to the official. they have banned any substances on team towels. >> a couchitouching show of sup for colts coach chuck pagano as he fights leukemia. andrew luck the last member of the team to shave his head. >> the next football sensation may be a 9-year-old girl. check out sam gordon number 6 lightening quick speed no oneable to stop her. sam plays tackle football in utah. she outruns boys two years older. she scored 32 times and went
2:40 am
more than 1900 yordz last season. >> the time right now 39 after the hour. still to come it looks like a scene out of james bond. this is not hollywood. these robbers are bikes are real. >> we are facing a fiscal cliff. but wait until you hear how much the candidates spent on the presidential campaign. the numbers will blow you away.
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>> welcome barck. the story overseas. chaos in grease. >> look at that. rioters clashing with police hours after they passed an awes ter rit bill. it has 17 billion worth of cuts and tax increases.
2:44 am
a strong and deadly earthquake hitting guatemala. 48 people killed hundreds more injured. officials say 100 people are still missing there. the 7.4 magnitude quake destroyed dozens of houses, roads and cars. it triggered land slides that delayed rescue efforts. finally to scotland where a fireworks show went horribly wrong sending the explosives right into the crowd. you can see the crowd running off. one little girl suffered burns on the side of her face. patti ann? >> one area hit hard by hurricane sandy was staten
2:45 am
island new york. they have a new round of misery. nor' easter piling 6 inches of snow on top of the damage and destruction. good morning, robert. >> the snow makes for a pretty picture on staten island. it masked the misery. the power lines and trees were precarious to begin with because of hurricane sandy. you can take a look behind me here. to see the polls leaning over there take the power lines down at any moment. if you walk over here this tree also leaning precariously on the side of the road. this is a one-two punch this borough has not seen. hurricane sandy now there is another easter. many people are still dealing without power.
2:46 am
they have to continue their recovery from hurricane sandy. 40,000 people are still without power in new york city in westchester county. 4,000 of those are in staten island. patti ann we will send it back to you. robert moses, thank you. something missing in your life, the campaign commercials. the ads mean big bucks. molly henneberg breaks down the numbers for us. >> it takes billions to become the leader of the free world. according to estimates from center of response i have politics 2012 was the second most expensive presidential race in u.s. history behind 2008. >> the reason is there weren't primary fights in both parties there was only a republican primary fight no one was running against barack obama. a little less money this time
2:47 am
around. >> still eye popping numbers even as the final totals are being tabulated. president obama and the dnc spent more than 930 million. governor romney and the rnc spent more than 1.02 billion. outside organizations spent 528 million and with the parties and taxpayers spent on the conventions 142 million. those numbers don't exactly surprise campaign veterans on both sides. >> it is a little bit of an arms race. one side races more the other side has to match. >> it takes a lot of money to put into these campaigns. it takes a lot of money to get on television and a lot of the major media markets through out the country. >> that is where most of the money goes. they say to the political ads especially in the battle ground states. pardon us one more time. >> i am mitt romney. i approve this message. >> i am barack obama and i approve this message. >> especially when you have house, senate presidential
2:48 am
campaigns gubernatorial campaigns all of these markets they are more competitive the rates are higher and it will cost more money to get your message out to voters. >> 70, 80 percent traditionally in the campaign goes to paid communications, television, the radio, newspapers. >> while there's a lot of money going out it is also easier than ever to get money coming in. more and more donors can get involved via text, facebook and other media. >> 12 minutes to the top of the hour. now that the president is re-elected environmentalists found a way to stop the keystone pipeline. diane mess dmacedo explains. >> a four-legged animal gets lost in a store and does major damage. first let's check in with steve doocy to see what's coming up on fox and friends. >> the deer in the store looked like dasher to me. >> i thought prancer.
2:49 am
>> never mind. ladies coming up fox and friends kicks off 11 minutes from now. we are talking presidential politics with mark stein. he's the radio guy up in new england. michelle is a blogger in colorado. also janet napolitano looks at whether it was won with a welfare explosion. we featured a fella a month or so ago on the program. a neurosurgeon who practically died. he was in a coma for 7 days. he says he went to heaven. we know a lot of you have questions about his experience and he is going to answer your e-mail if you are interested in learning what it is like on the other side e-mail us we will kickoff live from new york city 10 minutes from right now. e announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart.
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[ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do.
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>> 7 minutes to the top of the hour. it looks like it's straight from a bond movie. on motor bikes driving into a london shopping mall yielding axes. they smashed out cases inside a jewelry store before driving off with expensive card yea and rolex watches. a vegetable fight in florida. a man in orlando has gotten more than 200 signatures to keep his veggie garden in his front yard. city officials say it's against code. they want him to dig it up. he will go before the code board next month. >> with the election out of the way and gasoline prices still hurting families out there many are eager to know what the president is going to do about the keystone pipeline. here is diane mass doe with
2:54 am
more. >> it is a tricky issue he has environmentalists on one side a union from the other. two groups who help form on the. he deferred the decision on the pipeline. with the election now over you can expect both those troops and much of the rest of the country will want an answer on this. within hours of the election results supporters and opponents of the keystone project were already making their case. it will bring oil sands to gulf coast remifinerirefineries. but supporters say the pipeline would be a major step toward energy independence and would instantly create jobs and help the economy. also help the president's agenda. while the environmental group say they believe the reelection was a mandate toward stricter policies the president's previous attack of emissions with the cap and frayed bill it was so unpopular it died during his first two-years in office.
2:55 am
many are looking at the decision as an early sign of the president's priorities. now he doesn't have to worry about the election and it will be an interesting one to see how it plays out. we will get you updated. five minutes to the top of the hour. dead men running. two politicians win on election night, get this, they aren't even alive. >> can you figure out the word of the day? it's a long one. stick around. it's something we talked about during the show.
2:56 am
♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] some day, your life will flash before your eyes. ♪ me it worth watching. ♪ the new 2013 lexus ls. an entirely new pursuit.
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>> twos until the top of the hour as we look at the good, bad and ugly. an elementary school teacher and her daughter thought they were attending a ceremony to honor another student.
2:59 am
but the surprise was on them . [applause] army captain scott swartz planned it all by himself. he finished a 13-month tour in afghanistan . he's now home for good. next the bad. two candidates will not be taking office because they are no longer alive . they pass would away weeks ago. a deer in a store in pittsburg. the animal was trapped in the store for 30 minutes. the owner all she could hear was banging . gretchen carlson will be here to help us out for the long word of the day . good luck . >> gretchen: what

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